Losing It

Published: Mar 10, 2008
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It began as my friend trying to get me to lose it with her boyfriend. Then it turned into something else...

Dana was mature. Very mature. She had huge breasts, a D I would say, and she was only 18. She was hot too. Dana had had sex with about ten guys. I on the other hand was a B cute but not HOT. I had told her that I wanted to lose it, but I couldn't find a good enough guy. So we went on a feild trip up in the mountains. We stayed in a very nice hotel. Dana and i shared a room. So that night before we went to bed she brought up the subject on sex. She talked on and on about how good it felt. before I knew it I was fingering myself under my covers. Then we went to bed.

It was about 2am when she woke me up. "You said you wanted to lose it, right" she said, "Here's your chance," she pointed to Brett her boyfriend. he was sitting on her bed in his boxers. I got up. Did she really want me to have sex with him. I looked at her confused. "Go ahead. It's fine. This is what friends are for." She got off the bed and Brett came over.

At first we were making out. The he slid his hand up my shirt. I was wearing a tank top and underwear. Her fingered around with my nipples. The he took my shirt off. He my upper body and it fealt good. The part that got scary is when he pulled a condom out. Slowly he pulled down his boxers;I helped. Then he took off my underwear. I was so scared.

He began to put his penis into my vagina. It was huge. He saw my eyes expand."It's OK" he said. The he pushed in. It hurt so badly. He got deeper and deeper. I started to cry. Dana was on her bed watching." It's O.K" she told me, "Brett, let her be on top" she said He got off then Laid on the bed. His dick stuck up high. I looked at Dana for advice. "Sit on it" she said. I did; it still hurt.Then Brett took completly over. He Fingered me, well actually "Fisted me" Then sucked my pussy. After he was done he left the room and went bakc to his. Dana looked at me in disapointment.

The next night he came bakc this time Dana said she would help. He anal fucked her while she fucked my pussy. It fealt really good. The next night brett got caught. So it was just me and Dana. I decide to go to bed because I wasn't "lesbian"

At 12am she woke me up. I was completely naked and so was she. She was silently fingering me.I got up and she looked startled and hurt at the same time. I said that i would much more like it if i was awake too. Then she began to kiss me. She moved down and scukced on em again. We did that and played with eachother for about an hour. Then she got up. i thougt she was done. Dana went to her sucase and got out a plastic dick. It was about the size of Brett's. She used it on me but it fealt good this time. I went into orgasim about five time that night. Now we meet up every now and agian and do it. Dana is married, but it doesn't stop her. Me on the other hand am scarred by Brett and never had sex with a guy again. I'm strictly On girls.

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