Engagement Dinner

Published: Mar 30, 2008
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I had developed perky round breasts and an hourglass figure with long shapely legs that any woman would kill for. Of course, no man would be able to make use of it until he was my husband, but I didn't mind anyone looking.

It was the engagement dinner of my elder sister and her soon to be husband. I couldn't help but pout a little as I got dressed for the elegant dinner. I hadn't really thought that I would be forced to go, and didn't want to, seeing as how long these things tended to go. Since everyone would be expecting me to act older than I was, I decided to dress older than I was. I told my maid to dress me in my green gown, the one that hoisted my already full, firm breasts up just a tad higher than was decent and accented my tiny waist and green eyes. I wore my long blonde hair flowing down my back with a few braids and fresh flowers pleated into it. It was the feature that my sister was most jealous of, and I'd be damned if I wasn't going to flaunt it on this night when she would be acting so self sastisfied.

When I first floated down the stairs I noticed my sister's fiancee, Mathias, admiring me. I had been eleven the last time he had seen me and had grown up quite a bit since then. I had developed perky round breasts and an hourglass figure with long shapely legs that any woman would kill for. Of course, no man would be able to make use of it until he was my husband, but I didn't mind anyone looking. I ended up be placed next to Mathias at dinner and charmed his as much as I could with my imaginative conversation and bending down just far enough for him see down my top. During the soup course, I felt him place his hand on my thigh and stroke it a little. I had never actually gone farther than letting the stable boy hold my elbow, so at this point I became slightly flustered and excused myself to get a breath of fresh air outside. I walked out onto the terrace and then onto the lawn. Suddenly I got that tingly feeling on the back of my neck from being watched and looked around. There was Mathias. He had followed me outside. I took a step back as he took one forward. This continued for a couple more seconds until he decided he was tired of this game. "I want you." "You are engaged to my sister! Besides, I would never.. I mean, until I get married I won't... Men are.." I didn't know how to say what I was trying to get across, but Mathias seemed to understand, and wasn't too pleased about it. "You little tease. Do you mean to say that you won't give yourself to me even about that show you put on at dinner" "Yes. You didn't think I would really..."

His hands grabbed me roughly around the waist and pulled me towards him, capturing my lips with his. I tried to pull away but his arms tightened painfully around me and a small cry escaped me. I felt him smile against my mouth, my pain and fear turning him on just as much as my body. Mathias backed me up into the wall and held my my arms over my head with one hand. He slid his knee inbetween my legs despite my efforts to clamp them together. His unoccupied hand ripped my top open, exposing my breasts to the cool night air, which caused my already hard nipples to tighten painfully. His mouth moved down the column of my throat all the way down to my breasts where he traced circles around my tender nipples with his tongue, starting wide and moving in, but never touching my nipples. My breath caught and I stopped trying to fight him off. He switched off between my two orbs teasingly until I was positively panting. I gasped when his mouth finally closed around my teat and he began to suck. Desire pooled in my lower body and in between my legs grew hot and wet. I moaned, hating my body for betraying me, but unable to resist from kissing him back when his mouth claimed mine again, our tongues meeting in a heated duel.

Mathias reached down and pulled the hem of my skirt up to my waist. I cried out when he insistantly began running his deft fingers up and down my slit and finally pushed them inside of me. He wound me up higher and higher until I was on the brink when suddenly he stopped. He pulled away from me just long enough to free his manhood from the restraint of his pants. I couldn't help but tense at the sight of it, it was over nines inches long and so thick I wouldn't be able to wrap my entire hand around it. He placed it at my opening for a moment before easing his member into my virgin folds. Mathias captured my cry of pain with his mouth and then held himself unmoving inside me until the pain turned into pleasure. He then pulled out almost all the way, leaving just his head in, before pushing all the way in again infuriatingly slowly. He did this several more times, stretching me so I could accept him without difficulty until I was shaking and begging him to do something that I didn't really know. His rhythm picked up and our hips moved together in a primital dance. He traced the lines of my jaw and cheekbones with his tongue and skimmed his teeth against my collarbone. When he pounded into me especially forcefully, I raked my nails across his back causing him to jerk and groan at the pleasurable pain. Suddenly his rhythm changed and had more purpose. We rocked into each other again and again building up until neither of us could stand it any longer. With one final, powerful thrust, I spiraled into a climax, screaming his name, my muscles spasming. He came too, his semen shooting forcefully into me. After a few minutes, we made ourselves look presentable and walked back into the dinner hall.

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