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First Fling

Author: gee missy
Publish Date : Apr 10, 2008
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Having come from a small town, I do know a little something about brotherly love by the time I arrived at my freedom (oh I mean freshman) dorm. Everyone knows everyone and some know others very well in a little midwest community. There were a couple of brothers in my area that were so hot every girl with hormones wanted them.

* * * * * * *

Having come from a small town, I do know a little something about brotherly love by the time I arrived at my freedom (oh I mean freshman) dorm. Everyone knows everyone and some know others very well in a little midwest community. There were a couple of brothers in my area that were so hot every girl with hormones wanted them. And they liked each other. A lot as I found out. Sex was the hot topic of the day and some girls told me they'd seen Sam and Row 'doing it.' They're brothers! I'd said. They were playing with each other I'd been told. hmm..sure!

At 18 I had a job shoveling shit at a boarding facility and because I'd been in trouble at school (detention until 4:30) was working a little later than normal. My 19 year old sister Kay was due to pick me up at 8 and I had a lot of shoveling to get done. It was hot in the barn and so I stripped down to boots and undies. My pubesent breasts were really blossoming and I was proud of their sway as I shoveled. They were getting heavy and full and my hips were beginning to fill out, too. I was enjoying the jiggle of my tits as I worked and thinking about Sam and Row, wondering how they 'did' it. I was soon to find out!

Sam was 19, almost 19 and the hottest boy in town. Row was 18 and filling out himself, starting to look like a darker twin of his brother. I couldn't help but notice how full his jeans were when we passed in the halls. I thought he was stuffing like the girls!

I began putting away my tools when I heard "shh!" Uh...ok who is out here It was Row and Sam at the far end of the barn and they were wrastling about something. Forgetting my skimpy attire, I walked down to the last stall to see what was up. Sam was up... and Row was sucking it!

OMG I wanted to run but Sam caught me by the wrist and pulled me into the stall. He told me to watch so I could learn. While Row sucked Sam's cock, Sam had a strong hold on me with one hand and reached into my bra with his other hand to touch my tit. To my horror, it responded with a titty hardon! He smiled at me and asked if I wanted Row's job. I did but didn't want to admit it...my fresh little pussy felt funny. Still holding tight to my wrist, he shoved my head down so I could watch his jerking cock close up.

I fell weak to my knees and said yea, I'd like to try that. Row stood up and dropped his jeans and began stroking his own cock, which was much MUCH larger than Sam's. I knelt wide eyed looking at these two dripping hardons. Stick out your tongue, Sam told me. I did. They took turns putting their heads on my tongue. I was terrified but wanted to suck them like lollipops.

With my free hand I reached for Row's balls to see if he'd let me touch. He wrapped his big hand around mine and showed me how to stroke his still growing cock. Then he put that big thing all the way past my lips and nature took over. I groped for his ass to get a better hold and Sam finally let go of my wrist. I just wanted to lick and suck Row's cock because it was so good.

I felt Sam's hands cup my heaving boobs as he rubbed his cock against my ass crack. Then he slipped one hand down inside my panties and began fingering my pussy. I was so wet but still really affraid. The only 'sex' I'd had was playing with Kay (we like to kiss each other's pussies) and heavy petting with Joe, my next door neighbor. He's only touched me over my clothes. Sam's fingers were soon replaced with his throbbing hard cock as he slid it between my legs. Then his wet fingers pulled aside my panties near my crotch and I felt his dripping head touch my pussy lips. I twitched with excitment and couldn't stop myself from pushing back against his insistance.

Row now had both my titties in his hands, and Sam had me by the hips in his. Sam pushed a little harder at my pussy opening and I felt his head slip past the opening. He bagan this rocking motion and was able to push it in a little deeper. I am gonna fuck you, Sam told me. If you go any deeper it will hurt I said. No it won't, let me show you.

Sam made me lay down in the straw and pushed my knees up and began licking my pussy lips. Row got behind Sam and started working his cock up Sam's ass and I thought the brothers were fucking while Sam sucked my pussy. Pretty soon Sam's fingers worked their way in and out of my very wet hot pussy while he got his ass fucked by Row. Then he shoved Row back and told him to fuck off he was busy. That's when he lay down on me and gave his cock a serious shove into my wet hole. It slipped in fast, it hurt and I screamed a little but and he held it in there, hard. Holding me down with hips, he shoved his cock into me hard again and again - holding it in there deeper and longer with each thrust.

I noticed Kay for the first time watching as Row washed and played with his cock. I saw her rubbing his ass and looking at his big dick with lust. You want it he asked her. Uh huh, she smiled. I was shocked that Kay dropped trou right there and started fingering herself. I know you want to fuck your brother's ass, she said, but I saw you - it's way too big for a boy. I can give you what you really want. You've never been with a girl, have you She grabbed his giant penis and stroked it hard like she knew what she was doing. Kay is not timid, and is very good at wrastling. She grabbed his dick and jerked it hard as she wrapped one leg behind his knees and made him fall back. You thought you could just fuck my sister didn't you she said as she lunged on top, stradling Row. I saw her position her pussy over his cock and tried to slide down on top of it. Think you're so hot he said as he grabbed her hips and heaved. As his huge cock went into her pussy a little further. My cock is too big for anyone! he yelled in agony. Kay laughed and let her body down hard onto his throbbing member. I want it and I want it NOW she screamed. FUCK ME she yelled as she rode up and down on him like a jocky.

Sam and I watched breathless at this encounter then realized he was still nestled deep inside my pussy. His lips close to mine, he finally kissed me...deeply, lustily as he began moving his body inside of me again. His groan was deep as he thrust into me hard and deep. I felt him throbbing hard and felt creamy liquid squirting all over my pussy. Then he sighed and stopped moving....ohhhh I groaned.....Keep going, please don't stop. Please! I told him. It feels so good. Baby he said kissing me agian, I'll fucking you again and my brother will fuck you like that, too.

His cock was shrinking inside of me, not getting harder or anything and my pussy was just throbbing wanting more of it. I looked at Kay and she had that look - the "I'm good" look. Joy and satisfaction on her face. Row's face was much harder and still determined to get something. Sam slid onto his knees and curled up onto Kay's chest, kissing her tits through her tshirt.

Row, on his knees, crawled over to where I was laying, his cock still hard. SUCK IT he demanded as he aimed it over my face. I did. He started shoving it into my mouth and down my throat but I couldn't breath. HEY! Sam scolded him - be nice or you won't get it again. Row took my hand and guided me to stroke his cock. It started to get wet at the end and throb, the pulsing of his dick making me hotter and hotter. You gonna do what Sam did I asked. It's too big for you he said. Oh please just try I begged, spreading my legs and arching for his joy stick. He took it in his hand and guided it into my hole. It went in about 3 inches.

You ok he asked. I responded by moving my hips up to take in more of that huge cock. It started to throb as he tried to push it in further. I looked at Kay but she and Sam were kissing and he was playing with her boob. Row bent low and began suckling at my tit like a baby while he grabbed my hips hard and jamming his rod up my pleasure zone. OHHHH! I shouted flinging my legs around his waist and pulling his thrusts deeper. OHHHH yea do that! Row finally got a rythm and began hammering his rod with forcefull full throttle strokes.

OHHHHH I screamed - oh gooooooooood - my body was convulsing as Row rammed into my again and again and again. The I felt him slam his hips into mine like he was going to drive it right through my chest and he too began to convulse, shaking hard all over and squirting cum into pussy right came right out and ran down my ass cheeks.

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