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A Sensual Coincidence


Author: Anon
Published: 01-Dec-17

In this erotic story Adriana has a flash back twenty years to a memorable night...

* * * * * * *

My name is Rob my wife is Adriana we are both fifty, I had just got home from work when my wife called me to dinner, as we were eating I began to tell her about a conversation I had with a underling, we had got to talking about sex, I told him about the best sex I ever had was thirty years ago, you should remember that night real well, that was on our third date, then he told me that the best pussy he ever got hold of was twenty year ago.

Adrianna thought to herself I can remember twenty years ago real well, her memory began to carry her back to a very memorable night. While she was working for the Adak Corp, a coworker by the name of Jim Mellon had been hitting on her for months, he was very good looking and well built, one day he caught her in a storage room by herself, since she was deeply engrossed in the job that she was doing she didn't hear him walk up behind her. When she turned around they were only inches apart he took her in his arms and began kissing her before she knew it she was returning his kiss. Finally she found the will power to push him away, Jim you can't do that I'm a married woman, Adrianna don't tell me that you didn't like it, you were returning my kiss, I was thinking about my husband. It was true I was thinking about Rob we hadn't had sex in two weeks.

Her memory reversed its self and carried her back to the present day, she could relate to her husband's assistant he said that the best pussy he ever got was twenty years ago, and she thought the best fucking I ever got was twenty years ago, what a sensual coincidence.

Again her memory carried her back to that memorable night. Her husband was only home two days and he left her wanting as he left on his next business trip. The next day Jim walked up to her and said is this the night that you are going to make my wish come true, Jim you never give up do you, you really want to get in my panties bad don't you, he said of course I do, Adrianna have you ever taken a look at yourself you are the most beautiful and sexiest creature I ever saw. All that day she couldn't get their conversation out of her mind, would it be so awful, her husband didn't want to use her body, he would never know, what would it be like, could she live with herself after committing adultery, she wasn't sure, but she wanted to find out

She walked over to his work station, Jim are you going to take me to dinner tonight, you are kidding aren't you, no Jim I'm serious, yes beautiful I would love to take you to dinner. Pick me up a seven o clock.

When she got home she took a shower, when she opened a drawer to get some underwear she seen the pretty pair of panties and the matching Bra she had recently bought for their anniversary, I might as well wear them tonight, Jim would certainly like them, that is if he ever got to see them, she thought that she would probably chicken out.

When she got in Jim's car she was terrified about what she planned on doing before the night was over. When they got into the restaurant she said Jim is there something wrong with me, he said no what would give you that idea, well everyone seems to be staring at me. Sweetheart you are one naive woman! Everyone is staring at you, all the men wished that they had you, and all the women wished that they were as beautiful as you, Jim you are so sweet. They had a booth in an alcove, so it was quite private; Jim put his hand on her leg. Adriana picked it up and put it back on his leg, in very short order he had it back on her leg, this time she didn't move it, she decided that if she wanted him to seduce she would have to quit thwarting his every attempt, she spread her legs just a bit but enough that he noticed it. Her dress was very short and it became even shorter when she sat down, so in no time Jim's hand was on her panties, she said do you know that you are touching my panties, he said is that alright she said I guess so. But you can't move them any farther, he said oh I won't, she said you lying skunk.

After they finished their meal Jim said do you want to dance, yes but I want another glass of wine first, she wanted to get rid of her inhibitions and she thought a little alcohol would help. When they got on the dance floor it was a slow dance so Jim held her real tight to him, she looked up at him when she did he bent his head down and kissed her on her lips, her mouth was closed and she didn't respond to the kiss. She said to herself girl if you want to get fucked tonight you have to go with the flow, Jim will you kiss me again this time her mouth was open, she slid her tongue between his lips as she did she put her hand on the back of his head so that he couldn't withdraw from the kiss until she was ready, their tongues played tag with each other, when she broke the kiss neither one of them could hardly breathe. The last dance was a slow one and they turned the lights down real low, she could feel his hardness on her stomach, no one would be able to see what she did, she reached down and took his manhood in her hand, god he was so hard and so big, she felt so brazen. She thought to herself I'm going to fuck this man. Jim let's leave I want you to take me home.

When he pulled into our driveway he said can I come in, I said if you want to get in my panties you had better, when we got in the house he started undressing me when he got to my panties and bra he said those are sexiest panties and bra I ever seen they sure look nice on you, I said if they look so nice on me you probably wouldn't want to take them off, he said but I think that they would look nicer laying in the floor. It was nearly midnight, we were still fucking at dawn, I think that we fucked in every position known to man and woman, he would lick and suck my pussy and then he would put his tongue into my cunt, he licked my clit so long that I begged him to stop and fuck me, we would fuck and then I would suck his cock until he filled my mouth and then I would swallow it, he pounded my pussy so hard that I could barely walk the next two days. It was Friday night that we went out. We slept all day Saturday, he left about 6pm, I never saw him again.

My husband came back Sunday evening with good news he had been made plant manager at Kansas City, I called work. Monday morning and quit my job. Two days later we were living in Kansas City. Since he wasn't traveling anymore and he didn't work weekends, our sex life returned almost too where we were at when we first got married, in other words almost every night. My memory suddenly returned to the present.

A few days later my husband said honey you probably knew that guy that I was telling you about, Rob what would make you think that, well he was telling me that he worked at Adak about the same time you were there. His name is James Mellon, I almost fainted, I thought oh my god. No sweetheart I don't remember him. You will have to admit that is quite a coincidence, you both worked at Adak and that's nearly a thousand miles from here.

A few days later while we were eating dinner my husband said I got to talking to Jim about that tryst he had with that woman at Adak he couldn't remember her last name but he remembered her first name, do you want to know what her first name was, no I don't, well anyway her first name was Adriana, now that is quite a coincidence isn't it, that is if it were a coincidence, but you and I know it wasn't, because that woman was you. Please Rob forgive me it was only once, I love you, I don't want a divorce.

Divorce; don't be ridiculous of course there's not going to be a divorce. The moment he told me that the woman worked at Adak I was hoping that he was talking about you, you can't imagine how excited I became when he spoke your name. All those years that I was away from home I wanted you to have an affair with some guy. I would lay in my bed at night in some motel hoping that you were letting some stud crawl between your legs. Why you bastard you, you mean to tell me that you wanted me to let some guy fuck me. And I felt guilty all those years, why didn't you tell me how you felt maybe I would have let lots of guys fuck me. I lied just a little I never felt guilty; it was too wonderful of an experience for me to feel guilty about it. In my thoughts I relived that night a thousand times over. Adriana why would it bother me, it didn't change you any, plus you must have enjoyed it, well didn't you, if you must know, yes I enjoyed it.

He insisted that I tell him all about it, so I did, I didn't leave out anything, you asked me if I enjoyed it yes I certainly did, it was pure raw lust it was the best fucking I ever got.

Honey I might invite Jim to dinner some night, you wouldn't dare, wouldn't you like to relive that night that you spent with him, well yes with your permission it would be nice, the one stipulation that I would have is I get to watch. You mean you want to watch while Jim fucks me, yes it would fulfill a dream that I have had every since we got married. How do you know that he would be receptive, well if he wasn't I would fire his ass.

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